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Underground heat energy. Maximized.

Footprint above ground. Minimized.

Mazama Energy will deliver next-generation clean geothermal power.

Mazama Energy’s mission is to drive human progress with large-scale, clean geothermal power generation from Superhot Rocks.

Mazama Energy’s expertise and proprietary technology will provide clean, reliable and equitable power solutions at an affordable price for consumers around the world, helping to drive economic advancement and energy transition.

At 400°C one well could generate

25MW+ power
enough for 25K homes

75%less water
used per 100MW plant

At the Origin of an Energy Revolution…

Newberry Volcano is one of the most important reservoir of heat in Western USA with Superhot Rocks at less than 5 km depth.

Producing clean, renewable energy with minimal impact on wildlife, cultural heritage, and landscape is one of the core values of Mazama Energy. The Newberry Demonstration Project, developed in collaboration with state and federal agencies, will actively involve local communities and tribes.

The first geothermal pair of deep wells in Superhot Rocks at temperature > 705 F (374 C) will be drilled on Newberry volcano, Oregon, USA.

Drill Pads

Newberry National Volcanic Monument


A strategically built team.

Bob Heinemann

Sriram Vasantharajan

Brady Parish
Acting CFO

Alain Bonneville
Chief Geoscientist

Miranda Valdez
Strategic Relations Ambassador

Suri Suryanarayana
Well Technologies Chief

Alexa Gonzalez-Luis
Geothermal Tech. Development

Wadood El Raaba
Stimulations Chief

Mazama Energy’s goal is to drive the energy transition.

Mazama MUSE™

Modular unconventional superhot energy.

For conventional geothermal energy, hot permeable rock and vast amounts of water are required. Mazama Energy will create SHR geothermal reservoir in rocks which have no permeability and no water making possible the development of geothermal energy anywhere.

Muse™ is the holistic approach that will maximize the surface exchange between the circulating fluid and the surface of the newly enhanced reservoir. By producing 7x the power per well, fewer wells are need for the same output compared to conventional Geothermal

Thermal Lattice™

Create large capacity, durable reservoirs in Superhot Rock unleashing an energy dense output to power the future.

Thermal Lattice™ creates and enhances SHR deep in the earth to produce heat to surface.


Technology Collaborators

Newberry Demonstration Project in collaboration with

Mazama Drill

Reliable, precise and efficient drilling in superhot rock.

Create horizontal well paths in superhot rock with Mazama Energy’s proprietary drilling technology.

Heat Harvester™

Predict long-term well performance.

After a certain time, the heat production of the reservoir decreases. Heat Harvester predicts and simulates the life of the wells to maximize heat recovery.

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